About Us

The Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance (ONNSFA),  provides enrolled members of the Navajo Nation an opportunity to achieve their educational goals. Formerly known as the Navajo Higher Education Office, the ONNSFA was established in 1972 when the Navajo Nation entered into a P.L. 93-638 contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to administer the HIgher Education Grant. The ONNSFA is housed within the Department of Diné Education.

Funding Sources

The ONNSFA awards financial aid and scholarship from several sources including federal funds from the Higher Education Grant, Navajo Nation Funds, Trust Funds and Corporate Funds. In 2018, the ONNSFA awarded more than $24 million in financial aid and scholarships to approximately 6,000 students seeking a college degree or certificate. 

Agency Offices
Five agency offices are available to serve students. Offices are in Tuba City, Ariz.,  Chinle, Ariz., Shiprock, NM, Crownpoint, NM and Window Rock, Ariz. Toll-free telephone numbers and the ONNSFA Student Portal at www.onnsfa.org are available to help students navigate the ONNSFA application process.

Each office is staffed with a Senior Financial Aid Counselor, a Financial Aid Counselor and Office Specialists. Agency staff provide presentations at high schools, chapters, and other career fairs held across the Navajo Nation on ONNSFA policies and procedures and other funding sources.