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Staff Directory

Central Office

PO Box 1870; Window Rock, AZ 86515

(928) 871-7444 • Fax (928) 871-7410

Rose Graham, Director

Shirlene Shondee, Senior Office Specialist

Sheila Tsosie, Senior Accountant

Carolyn Calvin, Senior Public Information Officer

Michael J. Tsosie, Jr., Associate Statistical Research Analyst

Gary Segay, Application Systems Programmer

Eunice Harrison-Martin, Office Specialist

Fort Defiance Agency Office

PO Box 1870; Window Rock, AZ 86515

Toll-Free (800) 243-2956 • Fax (928) 871-6561

email:  onnsfacentral@navajo-nsn.gov

Maxine Damon, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Orlinda Brown, Financial Aid Counselor

Lena M. Joe, Financial Aid Counselor

Margaret W. Yazzie, Office Specialist

Kristy Manuelito, Office Specialist

Michael Mann, Office Specialis

Chinle Agency Office

PO Box 2358; Chinle, AZ 86503
Toll-Free (800) 919-9269  • Fax (928) 674-2331

email: onnsfachinle@navajo-nsn.gov

Eltavisa Begay, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Larenz D. Esplain, Financial Aid Counselor
Victoria A. Nez, Office Specialist
Laverne Teller, Office Specialist

Crownpoint Agency Office

PO Box 1080; Crownpoint, NM 87313

Toll-Free (866) 254-9913  • Fax (505) 786-2178

email: onnsfacrownpointnm@navajo-nsn.gov

Winona M. Kay, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Grace Cooley, Financial Aid Counselor

Nancy Eriacho, Office Specialist 

Collene J. Sanchez, Office Specialist

Shiprock Agency Office

PO Box 1349, Shiprock, NM 87420
Toll-Free (866) 223-6457  • Fax (505) 368-1338

email:  onnsfashiprock@navajo-nsn.gov

Thoer Peterman, Senior Financial Aid Counselor
Alicia James, Financial Aid Counselor
Jefferline Francisco, Office Specialist
Laticia Joe, Office Specialist

Tuba City Agency Office

PO Box 370, Tuba City, AZ 86045 

Toll-Free (866) 839-8151 • Fax  (928) 283-3215

email:  onnsfatubacity@navajo-nsn.gov

Shirley Tunney, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

Dommenque L. Yazzie, Financial Aid Counselor

Denise L. Becenti, Office Specialist

Danielle D. Slim, Office Specialist