Funding Sources

2018 Funding for Scholarships & Financial Aid

Federal Funds - $13.6 million

Federal funds, provided though a P.L. 93-638 contract with the Navajo Region Bureau of Indian Affairs, comprised  about 56 percent of the funds awarded by the Navajo Scholarship Office. Federal funds are used to award undergraduate students with financial need as determined by the student’s Financial Need Analysis and also for merit-based awards to Chief Manuelito Scholars.

Navajo Nation General Funds - $8.7 million 

Navajo Nation General Funds comprised about 36 percent of scholarship funds. These funds are used to provide awards to graduate students, undergraduates and students enrolled in the Navajo Teacher Education program. 

Navajo Nation Trust Funds - $1.3 million

Interest revenue from trust funds comprised about 6 percent of funds awarded by ONNSFA in 2018. Policies for trust funds including the Graduate Trust Fund, the Navajo Engineering & Construction Authority Trust Fund, the Vocational Education Trust Fund and Tucson Electric Funds stipulate that “10% of the fund [market value] shall be used as scholarship and financial assistance.” Interest revenue from these sources fluctuate from year-to-year based upon market value. 

Corporate Funds - $751,889

Contributions from corporations comprised about 3 percent of the total funds awarded by ONNSFA in 2018.  Leases with companies including Peabody Energy, Chevron Mining, Inc., Questar/Four Corners and Kinder Morgan/El Paso Natural Gas include a provision that companies make a contribution to the scholarship fund. 

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Details including the number of awards and number of students awarded from each funding source may be found here for the years 2007-2018.